A Special Child in the Family

About the Book

book coverA Special Child in the Family was first published in 1990 by Sheldon Press, who still hold the Italian Rights. I have put the full text of the revised and updated third edition on this website to make sure it can help as many people as possible.

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The content of this site is copyright. You are welcome to print any section of it for private use or for use in training sessions. If you wish to reproduce any part of it in another publication or on another website, please ask me first.


So many people have helped with this book that it is impossible to name them all here. My thanks go to all the parents who have shared their feelings and their experiences and to the professionals who have so willingly spared the time to explain about their jobs. I have been overwhelmed by the assistance I have received - no one I approached refused to help.

Writing a book is a long, slow task. I would never have succeeded without the encouragement of Steve who has carried out the essential task of telling me when I was writing rubbish. Special thanks are also due to April Barry, Jill Cooper, Ed Griffiths, Cynthia Naylor, Claire Sharp, Sheila Wolfendale and the Advisory Centre for Education for commenting on parts of the first draft.

I am very grateful to Jack Ashley MP and Lenore Hill for allowing me to quote their advice.


This site, like the original book, is dedicated to Rachel Carter and Cathy Dean

© Diana Kimpton 1990